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The Four Basic Catching Techniques of Frisbee

  Mason Bird is a college student majoring in cybersecurity. In his spare time, Mason Bird enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee. Catching is obviously a major part of the game, and there are four techniques to master. The pancake catch: This … Continue reading

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History of South Padre Island

A lifelong student of ancient history and current events, Mason Bird is a family-oriented undergraduate student. When not working toward a degree in cyber security, Mason Bird enjoys vacationing with his extended family on South Padre Island. Once inhabited solely … Continue reading

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A Look at Some of the Best History Documentaries

Dedicated to learning about history from antiquity to the present, Mason Bird spends a lot of time watching the History Channel. In addition, Mason Bird enjoys watching history documentaries. While excellent new history documentaries come out each year, some must-see … Continue reading

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The Origins and Growth of Paintball

A university student with a broad range of interests, including ancient history and literature, Mason Bird is pursuing a career in cyber security. Mason Bird previously worked at a summer camp, where he was responsible for overseeing recreational activities such … Continue reading

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Urban Planners and Policymakers Look Toward Better Civic Governance

A university student focused on cybersecurity, Mason Bird has also completed coursework in political science. Outside of academia, Mason Bird maintains a strong interest in ancient and contemporary events that have had a major impact on the ways in which … Continue reading

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