The Four Basic Catching Techniques of Frisbee


Frisbee pic


Mason Bird is a college student majoring in cybersecurity. In his spare time, Mason Bird enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee. Catching is obviously a major part of the game, and there are four techniques to master.

The pancake catch: This is the simplest catching technique, with most novices gravitating toward it. The pancake involves catching the Frisbee with both palms facing each other.

The crocodile catch: Often confused with the pancake, the crocodile uses the same technique except that catchers stretch out their arms wider and snap their hands shut on the Frisbee.

The rim catch: This involves grabbing the rim of the Frisbee with both hands. This catch is predominantly used when the Frisbee is flying overhead.

The one-handed catch: This is usually used when the Frisbee approaches in an awkward position. One-handed catches are often used when the Frisbee is far to the side or overhead.

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