A Look at Some of the Best History Documentaries

Liberation pic

Image: imdb.com

Dedicated to learning about history from antiquity to the present, Mason Bird spends a lot of time watching the History Channel. In addition, Mason Bird enjoys watching history documentaries. While excellent new history documentaries come out each year, some must-see films from the past include:

1. Liberation: This film tells the story of Hitler’s war through actual battle footage and interviews with Jewish survivors. Individuals gain a better sense of how the war was fought both inside and outside of Germany.

2. American Experience: The Donner Party. Viewers learn the story of pioneers trapped by a winter storm as they made their way westward and the terrible things they did to survive. The film does a good job of explaining the many factors that went into the decisions made that enabled their survival.

3. Secrets of the Titanic: This film garnered a great deal of acclaim for its previously unknown stories about one of the worst maritime disasters in history. The black and white production pulls people into the chilling narrative in spite of its already-known outcome.

4. The Romanovs: Spanning more than 300 years of history, this eight-part documentary runs for nearly seven hours but gives viewers a clear sense of how the Russian dynasty rose to power and what eventually contributed to its fall.

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